Types Of False Ceilings False Ceiling Ideas

False ceiling is an instance of modern-day construction and architecture in each residential and business programs

Types of False Ceiling

False ceilings can be differentiated into many kinds based totally on their makes use of, cloth used and appearance and visibility.

The main type primarily based on materials used are indexed in short beneath,
1.Gypsum Ceiling
2.Plaster of Paris Ceiling
3.Wooden Ceiling
4.Fiber Ceiling
5.Glass Ceiling
6.Metal Ceiling
7.Synthetic Leather or Cloth Ceiling

1.Gypsum False Ceiling

Gypsum false ceiling is a hydrated sulfate of calcium. This form of false ceiling is lightweight, sound insulated, fireplace resistance, soft and thermally insulated.

Gypsum false ceiling comes in the form of square boards which might be hung with the help of the iron framework. The finishing work on these forums like paints, laminates, wallpapers and texture finish offers the exact look.

2.Plaster of Paris Ceiling

Plaster of Paris (POP) is the majorly used material within the construction of false ceiling. POP is obtained while gypsum is heated to a certain diploma. It offers both aesthetical and purposeful assist.

Plaster of Paris false ceiling is attractive, nearly no maintenance and has a protracted lifespan. They are very great insulators or warmness and bloodless.

These varieties of false ceiling don’t most effective disguise the unsightly individuals of structure, ventilation ducts and conduits however also supply smooth finish to the ceiling.

3.Wooden False Ceiling

The Wooden false ceiling is used because of its natural textures and sample. Nowadays this kind of false ceiling is used commonly as it offers a pleasing appearance to the eyes.

Wooden false ceiling being steeply-priced, isn’t utilized in shops and hospitals but can be set up in residential homes. They may be given various finishes or painted to get the proper look.

Wooden false ceiling has many dangers, majorly which are:

Prone to termite attack.
Prone to warping.
The room ought to be thermally controlled.

4.Fiber False Ceiling

Fiber false ceiling is in high call for the construction of false ceiling because of low cost and east set up. The material used to manufacture fiber ceiling panels are man made by way of artificial and herbal minerals. As these are man-made they come in many sizes and styles.

5.Glass False Ceiling

One of the forms of fake ceiling utilized in construction is of glass. It is a non-crystalline fabric with the property of brittle and transparent. But this may be altered to make it nonbrittle and non-transparent the use of a few admixtures.
As glass is a superb insulator of warmth, it can be used for false ceiling. This form of false ceiling improves the aesthetical appearance of the constructing.

6.Metal Ceiling

As metal is a difficult and sturdy cloth, it is used appreciably inside the false ceiling. When the steel surface is polished it gives a glittery surface that is a deal with for eyes.

The metals used on this are galvanized iron and aluminum. The fee for this ceiling is low as they’re clean to put in and get entry to. The hidden members of the structure are effortlessly accessed as the panels are without problems removable and reattached. The production price will become much less because of the installation, fixing and maintained is low.

7.Synthetic Leather or Cloth Ceiling

The substances used on this kind of ceilings are either leather or cloth. As each the used materials are man-made they can be given any shape and design which improves the aesthetic view of an interior of the building.

As those collects dust and has low mild moving property it’s only used in brief tents or different transient buildings.

Advantages of False Ceiling

It presents a smooth homogeneous surface to the roof.
It offers fire safety as it creates compartmentation.
False ceiling facilitates in acoustical treatment.
It conceals all the non-fascinating elements and hides it from the viewer’s eyes.
It additionally hides the pipelines and the electrical cables jogging within the room. All the ducts of air-conditioning may be hidden underneath it.
False ceiling substances are smooth to put in and reasonably-priced compared to conventional roof systems.

Disadvantages of False Ceiling

The most worrying aspect of getting a fake ceiling could be pests. They can get via into the space among and can start their own breeding which would possibly result in quite a few problem.
Also be cautious even as setting up decorations or hangings whilst you have got a false ceiling in location. Make certain you recognize the electricity and sturdiness, do’s and don’ts with reference in your ceiling.
Lastly, the false ceiling would lessen the height of the ceiling considerably and subsequently do no longer deploy false ceiling unless you have a first-rate ceiling top.



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